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Detoxification in Tempe AZ

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Encourage you to Break The SufferingDetox Centers in Tempe are healthy, medically-supervised treatment centers that assist clients to take their first step to sobriety. Detoxification, or detox, clears out collected substances and cleanses them from the bloodstream, however it shouldn’t be confused with drug or alcohol rehab; detox on its own is not rehabilitation. Detox doesn’t need to be intimidating if performed in a orderly, medically-supervised setting, which is important since detox treatments range depending on which drug is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ strategies aren’t suitable for all addictions. In fact, cold turkey can even be dangerous in many instances, so Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe utilizes healthy and proven approaches that deal with every client as people with different detox needs. Contact Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe to speak with a compassionate detox specialist; call 623-299-7575 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe customizes the detox process to produce the maximum benefit for every client, but there are three basic stages to anticipate. It’s vital to first assess each and every client so as to determine which drug, or drugs, are being abused. It is not uncommon for addicts to use a couple of substances, typically alongside alcohol, which can influence the detox strategies the client needs. Then, Detox in Tempe detoxifies the client’s bloodstream, getting rid of harmful toxins and substances. Although detox can sever the physical dependency on drugs, detox does nothing to rehabilitate the client, or help prevent future relapse, so Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe strongly urges clients to continue directly into a rehab treatment program as a way to prepare them to combat dependency on their own.

Why Treatment Is Necessary

Although detox is a very crucial first step for some people suffering from substance dependency, there are core mental factors that can complicate rehabilitation if not correctly treated. Rehab is vital because, with no clear-cut understanding about their addiction, a lot of addicts find themselves in the usual situations that initiate their drug addiction. Relapse occurs most regularly when detox is used by itself, and when addicts find themselves in the similar scenarios and places where their drug and alcohol use was once heaviest. In a fresh environment, far from the people and locations that the person associates with substance abuse, it’s easier to avoid the triggers of addictive behavior.

After the initial detox process, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe encourages continuation into one of their twenty-eight day, sixty day, or ninety day rehab treatment programs. Individual and group counseling, access to the 12-step community, healthy diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, relaxing living accommodations all contribute to the rehab process. Rehabilitation supports detox, encouraging the addict in recovery to remain clean and sober. These environments are comfortable, as a way to reduce the temptation to abuse drugs, but also keep people busy with programs created to help them achieve their recovery objectives.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is just a first step, and should be used together with drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Unlike many other treatment centers, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tempe offers support and rehabilitation programs after the detoxification process. Though detox purges the body of drugs and toxins, it doesn’t address the triggers for drug and alcohol use in the first place. If a rehab facility offers detox programs, it sets up its clients for relapse; Detox Tempe, Arizona wants their clients to stay clean and sober forever, and offers their clients the techniques to overcome dependency in the future. Take the initial step towards recovery, and talk to a detox specialist at 623-299-7575 as soon as possible!